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Mar 01, 2011


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Great point on blogs - they provide a context and narrative that is necessary from a knowledge perspective that is not possible in the Twitter and FB syntax.

In fact, both Technorati and Google Blog search could do with a major overhaul as I tend to almost never come across great blog content when I look for it!


Great perspective there. Think you are bang on about eBay & Amazon. Personally, I think FB & Zuckerberg could get side-tracked by all this showbiz attention.

Blogging sites could probably be the next social networking platforms. I for one would like to see what a Blogspot or a TypePad could do with the thousands of bloggers using their services and posting away on a specific common topic. Coming from a L&D background, I see them almost as your own version of an EPSS. They probably need more mobile presence and apps for users to begin seeing them that way.

I see most users creating a personal web presence expressed as a network of different aspects of their life, viz, FB for friends, LI for career, a DIGG for consumer matters etc. That's a virtual world of your own right there, which makes me think of SecondLife. we dont hear enough of that phenom, do we?

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